Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Little man's day at the dentist

As we impatiently wait for any of our paperwork to come through, life still continues at home. My little man had his tough super day at the dentist. He has terrible teeth, and we can't figure it out. Neither of the older kids have a single cavity, neither do I. Little man had a mouth full. We finally HAD to get him in for work as he woke up crying last week in pain. Today he had 3 rotten teeth pulled (including the front 2), 1 crown and 4 fillings. He did great but I was so worried petrified because of my previous experience with kids and a dentist.

Our daughter fell when she wasn't quite two years old, hitting her front tooth. Within 24 hours she started showing an abscess. We didn't have a dentist, and because she wasn't quite two we only had one choice. He informed us we needed to immediately do a root canal. I think we did that the next day, what he didn't tell me was that they weren't going to use any anesthesia, & use a papoose board. I could hear her behind 3 closed doors. I tried to go back, I tried to get them to stop, but in my heart I will always feel terrible for even putting her in that position. It truly affected her personality and I believe her trust in me.

This time was 100 times better. I knew what questions to ask. I am older and know that this is my child. Sorry if my presence is inconvenient but I will leave when I know everything is ok. They did a fantastic job and he is now home with push up pops and movies.

THe future will be very interesting as we now have a little man who is the size of a 2 1/2 year old, speaks like a 6-7 year old and now is missing his two front teeth!! Atleast this time I got some pics of him with all of his baby teeth in place.

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