Friday, May 6, 2011

Prayers Please! & a diagnosis

I think we found him - and he was right under our nose the whole time!  Unfortunately we can't find his file.  He was listed with an agency in January, so his file should have been returned to CCCWA within the past two weeks.  His isn't on the latest shared list.  Thankfully our agency is willing to contact CCCWA and see if they can get his file.  Please pray that we find him so we can send in the LOI.  Also it took over a year to get his file to the shared list so it's pretty old for a 3 year old (almost).  Our wonderful agency sent a request for updated information.  They were a little concerned about some developmental delays.  Again please pray that we get them quickly and he is developing fairly normally.

And what's a blog without pictures!

This is one of the many great play things at Denver Children's hospital.  Why am I adding that today, because a year from now I can just see three of them all making heat handprints on this during a grouped visit.  (remind me of this vision, when all three are running around the hospital like wild children!)  However, after sending photos to 6 different organizations thorughout the US THEY were the ones that came back to us with a possible diagnosis for this little guy,  A name, a word so I could search, I could have just cried.  In addition, the treatment isn't nearly as bad as we had thought!! YEAH!!  I know to expect the worst, and I have but I had no idea that the best could be as good as they predicted!!  In addition, it instilled a confidence in his treatment.  We were looking at Shriners for his care but no one really is an expert in this diagnosis, and this would mean juggling kids and plane trips.  The chance of this birth defect is 1 in a million.  So once we are home we are going to Denver Children's first!

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