Monday, May 16, 2011

Fingerprint Appointment today!

Yeah, our appointment day is here.  We are traveling up to Denver for the last (we hope) set of fingerprints for our I-800A.  Luckily, our appointment was set for today when many around the country got appointments for the end of May.  Encase anyone is reading from Colorado, we were told that you can NOT do a walk in for earlier fingerprints in Denver (Grand Junction yes, Denver No).  It will be a nice day to spend with our little guy, while the older two are in school.  Might even leave a little early to do a little shopping - although I spent the weekend cleaning out little mans room since he will now be sharing it (we hope!)

We also sent out all of our paperwork and of course money : 0 ) for the second adoption on Saturday.  So that should arrive today also.  THe slow moving train seems to have finally picked up just a little movement!

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