Friday, April 11, 2014

Home -

I am so sorry we got home last friday - and a week later this is the first day I can even think lol

We designed and had these shorts made last summer to eventually announce our adoption.  In addition for an older boy joining 6 other kids we thought they were the perfect way to have him join our family.

So we flew from Guangzhou to Beijing to Houston to Colorado Springs.  So in Houston I had the boys change into their purple shirts.

It was amazing to round the corner at the airport and see a sea of purple shirts, barely held back by the "DO NOT CROSS THIS LINE" sign.  So excited to meet their new brother!

Morgan made him a hat

I loved that after the hugs and introducing - they turned around and started showing the numbers on their shirts.  I think this was especially important since Dawson is smaller than Cav who is 5.

It was so fun as we were meeting each other, we heard squeaky shoes.  Heehee our friend came to meet Dawson and brought balloons YEAH!! 

He did great on the flight, Air China was great AND Houston has the best immigration area of all the airports we have flown through!!


  1. Welcome Home! My husband, daughter and new son flew that GZ -Beijing-Houston flight on January 25. We live in the area so that was their last stop. It took a couple of hours+ for them to get through immigration. You must have had better luck. We had better experiences in NJ. I'm glad it worked for you though. :-)

  2. I have loved following your journey!! I have five daughers from China and so want to adopt one more. Where did you get the shirts????? I love them!!

  3. Welcome home, my tired friend! Just the thought of your jet lag makes me cringe :) Keep pressing on, sister!