Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Signs to adopt

One of the God sightings I didn't mention involved his name (to an extent.)

Right after we got our giant black sprinter, Brahm's teacher from last year mentioned we should fill the back window with those stick figure people ~ hmmm she said yoda's would be funny for your littles.  I was slightly amused and slightly offended.  That was in February.

Remember when I said I finally decided to get his file and really go through it.  Something nagged at me all night, so I awoke the next morning and just stared at the open file on my computer.  How could he be our son, no similar dates, just nothing.  (all the previous kids had some similarity with our bio kids in some way from Fei's red shoes to Cav and Tao's birthdays being a day apart.)

And then I looked at his name.  Forgive my lack of Mandarin (and very western ear) but I looked at the letters closely trying to decipher a name YUEDA - it is really what I thought.  I pulled up google translate and sure enough it sounded as close to Yoda as a name could get heehee.

AS I transferred screens over to Facebook one of the first posts I saw was this.

Believe me when I say I have never seen Yoda on any Facebook posts before or after.


  1. Hello! I have 4 biological children. Our youngest also has a rare form of dwarfism (Russell-Silver Syndrome). We're in the process of bringing home a little Chinese boy who is believed to have the same exact condition. I stumbled upon your blog and pretty much read the whole thing in a matter of three evenings. I so appreciate your honest, detailed account of your adoption experiences. I feel like it's really helped me to prepare for the journey that we've begun. You have a beautiful family! -Amy (