Monday, November 18, 2013

One Year - Tao

One year ago this picture we prayed over for months 

Became our youngest son and truly our greatest blessing.
The child we tried to ignore,
excuse out of our lives even though God was making it VERY clear the direction we needed to go.

We were afraid, terrified in fact,
but nothing like the tiny boy sitting in the huge chair by himself. 

So shut down, so scared

Our oldest and our youngest - Tao bonded quickly with him and would have nothing to do with me.

I was beyond worried.

And the intense sadness,
the loss this little one experienced.
It is profound to think,
my heart still aches to think we caused him so much pain.

And one year later our little "fisher of men" has changed so much.

He is pure joy,
He absolutely is now a momma's boy

He is inquisitive.

And those dimples we had no idea existed,
well, they are gorgeous and almost always present.

A child who sat for over a year on the shared list,
listed with 5 different diagnoses,
all sounding scary,
passed over by so many others.

Sitting, & waiting,
to become a brother,
a friend,
a blessing,
a Son!


  1. <3 <3 <3 I just LOVE his dimples......Great post! Hugs!

  2. You're makin' me cry over here!! STOP IT!!! Just teasing. You know I love him to pieces and I'm SO blessed to know him (and you). His light shines so brightly...what a blessing he is!!

  3. well, now you have me crying like a baby!!!! Sooo precious!!!! Thank you for saying yes!!!