Sunday, October 6, 2013

Saying Yes!

This little guy has been home almost a year - we kind of hit the ground running AND he truly has been the epitome of the perfect adoption.  

You can't always tell personality just by a photo

We have some moments
He is three
Everything is new
He lost everything he ever knew
We have no information to even share his past with him.

But still he has been amazing.
People all the time look at him
And say - I would love to bring him home
and I smile, remembering how long he sat
and sat, and sat on the shared list.
Passed over for a YEAR!!

And I smile because I know adoption
is NOT always this easy.

I laugh at the forlorn pics we received
during our wait for him.
Not one smile,
no dimples,
no personality.

THe child who HATED me
when we picked him up.
WHo screamed every time I came near.
China was beyond hard ~
for my heart.

But now almost a year later,
after developing tennis elbow on both sides
from carrying my sweet boy,
we feel incredibly blessed.

Our struggles at home were many,
we couldn't imagine having another
hard child in our home.
BUT inexplicable we felt the call.

He truly is our Blessing.
Our fisher of men.
Our Phoenix, who cherishes life,
celebrates each moment with exuberance.

Now that's some good stuff!

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