Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dwarfism Awareness ~ Little Football

When Brahm was a toddler I distinctly remember crying about how unfair it is that God gave our poor disabled boy a heart for sports (yeah we have come a long way.)

Now it's more of a matter of finding sports he can play without further damaging his joints.

Some children with dwarfism can play almost any sport

Some children with dwarfism are very limited on the types of sports they can play (most specifically those who had the neck surgery Fei did and those that have spinal issues.)

And then we have Brahm who suffers from joint pain
and because the round ends of bones are jagged 
we have to protect his joints. 

A break especially near the epiphysis could be detrimental.

So we find sports,
weigh his heart, mind and body
and give him a chance to try.

Mind you at 7 he only weighs 33 lbs LOL!

Anyhow, flag football was our newest try
AND he loved it!!

He actually did great on defense ~ mainly because his mind was so amazing and he gets the game
and we had to laugh at him trying to block etc.

And our Tao - well he is another sport kid.

One of my all time favorite pics - he is trying to get Fei to hold the ball
think Chuck and Lucy from the peanuts LOL!

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  1. Meant to comment on this one earlier - your kids are so adorable! I love the Peanuts moment with the football. :-) Your pictures always bring a smile to my face; thank you for sharing the joy. :-)