Saturday, August 17, 2013

World Dwarf Games 2013 ~ Part 2

Sorry, we unexpectedly had a sleep study for Fei and well school starts Monday!

But I won't hold out on the pictures any longer LOL!

I am thinking this will be a - I dunno 10 part series ugh

So you are more than welcome to just ignore our blog for a bit but I really want to capture some of our trip with the kdis so that I can eventually print books and I dunno, have something for our littles like the bigs scrapbooks LOL!

Ok back to the Show!!

I have to say we thought people gravitated to Fei and Tao because they were dwarfs

Yeah NOPE!!

This years games were the largest ever with 400 athletes and everytime I turned around Tao would be with another girl, a group of girls, getting his picture taken and flashing his dimples LOL!

Perhaps my favorite pic ever of him right down to the cookie crumbs!
Every time someone new fawned all over him, I was sure to remind them that not only was he adopted but he sat on the shared list for a year because no one wanted him.

He is truly a fisher of men!! (and women)

She is the darling daughter of a dear friend who also works very hard in the adoption community

Fei was given these glasses by a new friend and he thought he was hysterical

Siblings hanging out between games

The nice thing is that siblings - well they automatically have something in common with the other average height (AH we don't say normal etc) siblings.  THey hung out together between cheering on the littles in their families.  We hope they learned that the feelings of jealousy, and annoyance are common and natural.

And since I have been asked, Cav well, Cav jsut had a rough trip - 
no schedule
Abnormal food
Abnormal rooms
And a lot of attention on siblings.

AS a funny Fei told him that if he learned to run he would become a dwarf too!
Yeah I am guessing we need to work on her a little.

But truth be told he has been very stubborn about even trying to run, 
and doesn't want to listen to mom at all.  
So he walks fast like he has had a stroke on one side.  

We told him, they had games for him too, when he learns to run.

He also got stared at a ton which jsut made us laugh since ever person at the games were used to the stares, comments and the like!!

Our big kids  well they are awesome and the little littles LOVED them!!

I have to say I love this boy - at 14 he truly has a heart for God and shows it!

We had a free day and the littles got to play flag football (none can play tackle due to head and neck issues)

My next post or 2 will be on this important day
BUT I had to include that fact that Tao played ball for 20 minutes and then. . . 

was once again surrounded by the girls LOL!!

If I was good I would know this mans name but the guys were pretty excited and so I think he is the head coach of Michigan state LOL!!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Wow. Looks like an absolutely awesome day!

  2. Love the pictures and smiles. I am so sorry Cav didn't do well. I just have a special place in my heart for him and will continue to pray for him. Looking forward to more pictures and posts and also to hear how Fei did with her sleep study.

  3. Love the cheeky little face in the first pic


  4. Your family is absolutely beautiful. I loved every picture. I agree with you. The cookie crumbs on his cheeks are so sweet and very cute! LOVED this post.