Monday, August 19, 2013

1st day of school

Ha!  people ask us all the time if we homeschool and frankly I commend those that do but my children hardly listen to me when it comes to brushing their teeth.  Also our littles REALLY need to be out in the world as much as possible we believe.  Advocacy for them will perhaps be the greatest tool we can teach them.  Brahm not so much - but Fei will be little as in her adult height will be similar to her current peers (1st graders).

We are so blessed by our school - and most importantly we are blessed by our teachers - they LOVE our kids.

So although it is a whole new year, we have all the SAME teachers except Brahm.  Everyone else moved up into last years teachers.

For littles this has been amazing, I didn't have to coach the 1st grade teacher about Fei's needs, she had Brahm last year.

The kindergarten teacher knows we don't treat our children as disabled - we expect them to do the same as their peers to the best of their ability.

It was amazingly an easy morning, especially since the 1st grade teacher took me aside and warned me the bathroom locks hadn't been changed (fei can't reach them to close the door.)

So we have a freshman, a 6th grader, then 2nd, 1st, kindy and preschool (who starts next week but didn't want to be left out!!)

Tao starts next week but we didn't want to leave him out!

Gorgeous girl ready for 1st grade!
Handsome 2nd grader!!

Cav had issues this morning about taking pics, and it was past time to leave

But I was able to snag a phone one from class!

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  1. What beautiful kids!! We start school tomorrow - for the first time. Glad to know it can be great!!