Thursday, August 22, 2013

World Dwarf Games part 3 - football

When you have a little you expect a life of step stools, teaching self advocacy, answering questions.

But as with any special need there is a sense of loss sometimes.

I say loss but truly it is that pain in your mommy heart.

For us - it is football.  Brahm LoVES football.  I mean eat, sleeps and breathes it.  He loves the mental part of it.  His big brother plays.   For children with dwarfism they can NOT play tackle football.  Their necks and heads - well football can lead to paralysis.

SO when we saw they were offering a flag football clinic we knew that was a MUST.

And it was everything we expected.!

We were the first ones to the field Brahm was so excited.  But in no time at all it was a pick up game of flag football - just like anywhere else in the USA - except the participants were equivilant in size.

They are jsut as fierce, there are some incredible athletes, there are NO excuses.

It is surprising how one pick up game can heal a mother's heart.  
We realized despite our best attempts 
WE HAD BEEN MAKING and allowing EXCUSES for Brahm.  

We were  afraid since Brahm has a different type of dwarfism he would tower over the other kids
We were "thrilled*" to see he was similar in size.
In fact, we saw so many different looks to dwarfism.

* When Brahm was a baby he was to perfect, to tall the LP community constantly told us.  We felt stuck between two worlds.  So when I say thrilled we were glad that Brahm fit into this community.

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  1. I am so happy Brahm got to play football! How is he doing as far as the pain?