Saturday, February 13, 2016

Gyro-Stim day 2 & 3 (and day 4)

Ugh I downloaded the new update and can't figure out where my pictures went!!

God has been a huge blessing.  Before our 2nd appointment I asked the head of PT who happened to be there when Remy had therapy what she thought.  Her son - was a test subject for when this was being developed!!  She also said she would make some calls to to the developer!

Day one we had some issues because of Cav's minimally functional thumbs using the laser pointer.  They ride the gyro-stem 5 times and each time they do something along with the ride, to engage the brain more.

In addition to using the light pens to hit the targets they have to say a word - this also changes each time.  She wanted him to tell the story of his favorite movie - which he can not do.  He also has issues trying to get the pens to work that he misses the targets and then doesn't say anything.  We had some kinks to work out.  I am still a skeptic and not sure I am seeing much.

DAY 3 - so we did 3 sessions ~ 3 days in a row.  I do have to say the office staff is making me nuts.  I wish Dr offices would realize that a patients entire perception of their abilities rest on the first 5 min you the walk in the door.  Hiring incompetent front desk is such a downfall.

I do like the therapist that helps Cav get into the machine and think through some of the difficulties. on the way to the office we practiced a story so he could use this as one of his speaking parts.

Each session they up the speed on the gyro-stim and today they also did the full summersault - we were a little worried he would get sick but so far so good (and we wait to eat until after.)

Each session is only a minute long so it's really expensive if you figure the $$$$ per hour we are paying LOL!  We were assured by the head of PT that there were far worse ways for us to spend our money, and I am still hoping we see some improvement based on the research I posted about yesterday on the vestibular system.

Can still spends most of his time trying to get the targets - especially now that he is flipping around in all directions - so I am a little worried its not working as well as it possibly can.  But I am trusting that God has laid this before me so many times, that possibly this is where we need to be.

DAY4 - no gyro-stim today, we are actually done with week 1.  I did an extended leave form school for Cav while we did this in hopes that maybe bringing him back, calming his world would somehow help to reset him.  They initially said he would be incredibly tired after each session, and I didn't want to add to his stress levels.  All that to say he really hasn't been in his typical environment and around peers much.  Just he and I  LOL!  Today all the kids had off from school AND it was gorgeous outside.  Typically, Cav has to be supervised form hurting the other kids, but it was so nice I sent him out with them.  The first thing I noticed was he actually sought one out and ran after them as they rode their bike on the driveway.  I did my typical of sitting in my office and watched, waiting the 15-20 min before he started screaming or hurting someone.  The big kids were outside too to ensure someone came and told me immediately.

As all moms do, I got busy, I left the office and went to make lunch, laundry (also a front of the house window, etc.  I would periodically yell out the front door to make sure everyone was OK and everyone was playing nicely.  You know as a mom, you check out the window, yell out the door but the number of times really doesn't add up, all of a sudden I looked at the clock and realized 2 hours had passed.


I can NOT think of a time that he has lasted longer than 20 - - MAYBE 30 minutes without a full blown rage or someone coming in hurt.

TWO HOURS!!! and everyone agreed that Cav was being nice and playing appropriately.  REALLY ?!?  Seriously, spanish inquisition and not one child young or old said he had hurt them, said something inappropriate or refused to share.

THIS is huge.  Is this working?  Can I really begin to hope again??  Time will tell.
I keep going back though to the statement "This knowledge is called “gravitational security,”and with this basic sense of stability, children develop emotional security."

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  1. I'm thrilled for you that you've seen such a big leap! I couldn't watch the whole video, it was making me seasick, lol. But I hope he continues to improve. Best wishes for health and healing for ALL your family. I know the dysregulation of one can throw the whole household off.

    p.s. How about updating the sidebar pics? You're a kid short, lol. ;)